Tree Nature Resort

Let’s go to Tree Nature Resort in Badulla, Sri Lanka! This place is special. It’s not your typical resort. First off, it’s called Tree Nature Resort. For two people to stay there and get breakfast included, it costs Rs. 32,000. That’s pretty reasonable for what you get.

  • Big Tree Top House with 2 Double Bed Rooms on 1st floor
    Sleeping Cabin on 2nd Floor with a Double Bed Room (6 pax) with Breakfast
    Rs. 32,000/=
  • Medium Tree Top House with one Double Bed Room on 2nd Floor and One Double bed Room on 1 st Floor (4 pax) with Breakfast
    Rs. 24000/=
  • Single Floor Double Bed Room with Breakfast
    Rs. 14,000/=
  • Triangle Houses 2 Double Bed Rooms (4 Pax) with Breakfast
    Rs. 22,000/=
  • Luxury Villa with 4 Double Bed Rooms (8 Pax) with Breakfast
    Rs. 48,000/=

Now, what makes this place stand out? Well, they’ve got some cool accommodation options. Picture this: a Treehouse where you sleep up high among the trees, feeling like a jungle explorer. Then there’s the Triangle Cottage, a cozy little spot nestled in nature’s embrace. And if you’re feeling fancy, there’s the Luxury Villa, where you can live it up in style.


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